Dig deep

—levi's rugged garden gear

At the heart of a pair of Levi’s is an authentic, rugged and durable quality. The kind of thing that we seem to have lost sight of in much
of our modern, overly-sanitized lives. We miss working with our hands. We miss the labor that denim was intended for. In an age of glass surfaces and on-demand experiences, has slow work and the tactility of dirt become a luxury? 

This project, transplanting the soul of Levi’s into a range of packaging for garden tools, was my attempt to answer that question.


Garden Tools Packaging

the project

The iconic Lev's look reimagined for the garden.

the point

Levis-Web-13 (logo).jpg

the brief

Create a line of gardening tools for a brand not typically associated with them. Imagine what it would look like and what brand assets would help make these products feel like they belong naturally with
the brand. The products should come in various sizes to show the versatility of the package design.


My design concept was focused on translating the look and feel of Levi’s onto a new category of products. 

Borrowing from their existing imagery and brand assets, I created a
line of packaging that while different from what is currently seen in
its stores and on its apparel, nonetheless speaks in the same voice, communicating ruggedness, authenticity, individuality and work.

the approach