Color meets conscience

—vuelta powdered paint

Designing packaging for a powdered paint was about creating for the conscious consumer, the shopper who cares about provenance, who isn’t just a trend anymore. These days, it does matter where our products come from, what goes into them, what their true cost is, and where they will end up. 

More and more, the life cycle of a product is the product. I kept that in mind over the course of the project, asking: Could painting a house do good for the earth? Could a paint give back to its source? Those questions led me to Vuelta, a positive paint for a colorful world.


Powdered paint packaging

the project

Natural paint with a mission

the point


the brief

Create packaging for a line of eco-friendly, non-toxic powdered interior and exterior paints. Design a brand system that will apply to a series of paints and accessories while creating differentiation between all the different product ranges and sizes.


The powdered paints are derived from natural sources such as clay and mineral pigments, and are free of VOCs, so an earth-friendly tone was adopted for everything from the naming and brand messaging, to the materials and look and feel of the packaging. 

What made the brand unique was its focus on giving back: for every unit of paint sold, a portion of proceeds would be donated to the forests of Paraguay. From this came the name Vuelta, the Spanish word for a return. A neutral, earth-toned color palette was chosen for the packaging, to complement the shades of paint visible within the tubes through die-cut windows featuring nature-themed graphics. Compostable paper was the choice for storing the dry powders, making it easy to dispose the packaging when empty.

the approach